a joint initiative of federal, state and non-governmental organizations interested in the acceleration of stationary fuel cell commercialization in the State of California and beyond.

Members represent a group of key government and non-profit organizations interested in combining efforts and resources towards commercialization of stationary fuel cells in California. These organizations are part of a Core Group, focused on its mission to commercialize fuel cells for power generation in California. A key part of the organization is an Industry Advisory Panel that was formed to assure industry participation, advice, and counsel.


Dr. Alan C. Lloyd, Agency Secretary
California Environmental Protection Agency
State of California
Professor Scott Samuelsen, Director
National Fuel Cell Research Center
University of California – Irvine


August 31, 2005 General Meeting Minutes (pdf)
and Attendee List (pdf) Now Available
Fuel Cell Commissioning on Long Island
Strategic Plan Roadmap (pdf)
CaSFCC in Support of the Hydrogen Highway Initiative

A Review of Advanced Power Technology Programs in the United States and Abroad Including Linked Transportation and Stationary Sector Developments (PDF)
Fuel Cells Economic Analysis Report (PDF)