About us


The California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative promotes the use of fuel cell technology in distributed generation and other stationary applications to help bring clean, efficient, reliable and sustainable power to all Californians.

The Collaborative promotes the commercialization of fuel cell technologies as a means of reducing or eliminating air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, promoting energy reliability and independence, and helping the state of California move closer to realizing a sustainable energy future. Under the auspices of the Collaborative, private industry and government agencies work together to advance the development of informed public policy; initiate public demonstrations of fuel cells and distributed generation technologies; conduct key studies to further existing knowledge about fuel cell capabilities and the impact of fuel cells and DG technologies; and raise public awareness about these technologies.

One of the goals of the Collaborative is to implement an inter-organizational policy to utilize fuel cells in government facilities such as the Cal/EPA Headquarters building shown in this photo.